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Thoughts on Survival Economys & Trade Goods

Posted by Nate Peyman on March 27, 2014 at 1:25 PM

So many say "Times Are Tougth" and "Noone calls or writes anymore.. Facebook is nice and so is Facetime... but its not like having real face-to-face time with friends and family or folks who care about me, living nearby.." and even "I'm Afraid Of What Might Happen Soon.."

How do we survive and thrive now, no matter what happens?

I propose that we take a very good deep look at ourselves. What can we do in the real world of work? (Not online. In the real physical local World.)

If you find yourself frequently feeling worried about the economy and the future, make a PLAN.

Ask yourself, what are your Homesteading Skills?

Get an idea of a *trade good* that you & members of your family could produce. Can you Sew? Weld? Repair engines? Make wine? Brew beer? Knit? Bake? Build? Make bio-fuel? Farm? Garden? Boil Maple or Sorghum syrup? Hunt? Slaughter animals safely and process them well? Fish? Grow herbs outside or in long boxes under lights? Cater and Cook meals for many? Teach Youth your  Skills?

Think outside the Box. Think of how you can be part of your local food circles, and have a trade good to thrive and survive with. That is how folks have survived in every situation throughout difficult Human history, worldwide. For no matter what happens globally, as long as life is possible, you will be ok if you have SKILLS and Trade Goods.

Every human being wants good food, needs some form of Air & Water and Sustenance to survive. If you cannot figure out growing enougth food for your own self & family, or you have no land, get to the local Farmers Market or farm store and support your local Farmers and Craftspeople  :D  We appreciate you SO MUCH!


If you have no money, and no paid job... well, maybe folks need mending done, cooking or home catering, or baby care while they work.. or, maybe a local vacant lot or land parcel can be worked by your family or a community group and soil tested etc.. then you would have land to grow fresh good foods, raise animals or create other trade items on.  


Anyway... without knowing what your personal circumstances are

*I wish you well* 


Personally my prayer is,

May all the children be Fed and Safe.

May we find a way to survive and thrive, together. 

May *We The People* Work It Out! 

One Love and many Blessings - Farmer Ama, Nama Farm

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Reply Ed Udell, Sr.
12:32 AM on February 22, 2015 
Enjoyed the message! For some years, I have wanted to establish a Hebrew/Jewish/Christian commune where we could develop sustainable foods, new music, and wholesome fellowship without heated discussions. Your messages have renewed my quest!