Nama Farm

Growing Good Food With Love

Farmers Nate & Ama

We started farming after traveling across the USA volunteering on organic farms through the WWOOF program, and we are searching for our sustainable homestead and a strong community with kind and hardworking folk. 

We first landed in Bristol VT in 2009, and in 2010 we moved to Richmond and started Nama Farm.  In Richmond we shared a home with 7 other folks and worked the land by hand - turning the soil, composting and making raised beds...  combining Restorative Agriculture, Biodynamics, and Forest Farming.  

2010 was a beautiful growing season and we quickly got established at Farmers Markets by growing a wide variety of heirloom tomatoes and other diversified organic produce.  Farmer Ama began canning her delicious pickles, dilly beans, tomato sauces, chutneys and unique small-batch jams.  

The following year we announced our CSA and had a good turn out - but 2011 was a most dramatic weather year indeed, with Tropical Storm Irene!  We survived mostly unscathed on our high and sandy hill, and had a good year - with some losses come September due to late blight.

Ahead of the 2012 season we moved to farmland near our favorite farmers' market at Mills Riverside Park in Jericho VT. It was a comfy old farmhouse on 5 acres. But the land was wet, and we found a new patch of rich earth in Fletcher to work for 2014 -15- 2016

In 2017 we moved to Morrisville and set up four different farm field sites - one in Jericho, one in Underhill, and two in Morrisville. this made for a lot of driving around. now we are seeking one large site with land to grow and a place to be a more perminant Home.

In the off season Nate does Massage housecalls and schedules sessions in his Morrisville office and in Stowe (contact Nate via He works for the Mountain Massage Center at Smugglers Notch and the Stowe Mountain Lodge. We love to socialize with friends and visit other farmers, write, reserch, work on crafts, cook and hold Potlucks, pantry build and do the clean up projects like our seed counting, ordering needed farm supplies, and plan next years crop rotation.

Winter Dreaming, Spring Joy!

Nate & Ama