Nama Farm

Growing Good Food With Love


Nama Farm: It's all One Love.

Home grown GOOD FOOD, cultivated with hand-labor the old fashioned way. Heirloom seeds are lovingly gathered from fellow farms and small companies, then grown to peak flavor with Healthy Earth - no chemical applications.  We grow All-Natural Uncertified Organic & Biodynamic Veggies, Herbs, Berries & Flowers.  

Find us in 2017

Jericho Farmers' Market - Visit our booth, Ama's Preserves are always different and this will be out 8th year Vending here! Thursdays 3-6:30pm May-Oct @ Mills Riverside Park - Route 15 in Jericho,VT


Nama's Farmhouse Preserves: small batch from scratch                                         We produce unique products from our own produce & friends local farms: Jams, Jellies, Chutneys, Relishes, Tomato Sauces, Dilly Beans, assorted Pickles, Hot Sauces, and more...

      Contact us to see what we have in current stock! 

Some of Nama's past items:

Farmhouse Relish 16 oz $9, 8oz $5 Sunshine Relish 16 oz $9, 8oz $5  Zuke Relish 16 oz $9, 8oz $5 

Wild VT Applesauce with local Vt Maple Syrup  - 32oz Lg $10 & 16oz $6 

Ama’s BBQ - The Plate Moppin Sauce! Tangy heat, sweet with maple syrup & peppers 8oz $6. 

Sweet Pickled Beets w brown sugar, vinegar, onion, clove & spices - 32oz Lg $10 & 16oz $6 

Blazing Hot Pickled Peppers w maple sugar, vinegar, onions or garlic - 32oz Lg $12 & 16oz $6

Appleyard Chutney w local Apples, applecider vinegar, Onions, Tomato, Indian Spices 8oz $7.

Ama's Knotweed Chutney w Indian Spices - Eat The Invasive! 8oz $7. 

Bengal Chutney w Apples, Onions, Gold Raisins, apple cider vinegar & Indian Spices 8oz $7.

Ginger-Pear Chutney with lots of real Gingeroot and Indian Spices 8oz $7.

Three-Citrus Marmalade with Orange, Grapefruit & Lemon  8oz $6.

Local Strawberry Jam 8oz $6  Vt Blueberry Jam 8oz $6  Cardamon-Banana Jam 8oz $6. 

Cherry-Merlot Jam with raw sugar, pie cherrys & VT merlot wine  8oz $6. 

Roasted Garlic-Fig Jam with raw sugar, figs & our own homegrown German Garlic 8oz $6 

Ama's Sweet Jumpin' Meat Rub w Cayenne, Peruvian Coffee and local Maple Sugar 8oz $7

Applewood-Smoked Shiitake Mushroom Finishing Salt  w locally grown Mushrooms 8oz $7 

Heirloom Tomato Sauce with Onions, Red Peppers or Black Olives - 32oz Lg $10 & 16oz $6

Heirloom Yellow Tomato Sauce - low acid sweetest tomatoes - 32oz Lg $10 & 16oz $6 

San Marzano Heirloom Sauce w beautiful Italian Paste tomatoes - 32oz Lg $10 & 16oz $6


IN SEASON *Elderberry Applesauce* w VT Maple Syrup & a dash o Bourbon. All our own local elderberrys & wild apples.. folk-medicinal sweetness for a bread spread, yogurt topper, or just eat it by the spoonful...! -  16oz $9, 8oz $6

Ama's Old-Timey Mincemeat w Wild VT Apples, Green Tomatoes & Bourbon - 8oz $5 16oz $8 



  • "Hey folks, Nate and Ama know how to grow vegetables. There is something wonderful about the bags of flower filled salad greens, the luscious, flavor filled heirloom tomatoes an..."
    Kelly King
    I'm a believer!
  • "I met Ama & Nate at the Mill's River farmer's market, which I was only able to get to once in a while. When I found they offered a home-delivery CSA that felt like the perfect ..."
    Kristin R.
    happy customer!